A brief summary of what I have been up to recently.

I have recently finished a drawing of a two-toed sloth. My daughter has been asking me to do one of these for ages so at least one person is pleased with the result!

New drawing -Two-toed Sloth

two toed sloth

Milo’s Monthly Giveaway.

This is a Facebook promotion “organised” by my cat, Milo, who gives away a 10” x 8” print each month. Please check out my Facebook page AnthonyWyatt.Art by clicking on the link on the side bar. Join in and win a free print!!

New drawing – Lion at the Five Sisters Zoo


Five Sisters Zoo near Livingstone, Scotland have raised £150,000 to provide a home for four lions rescued in Belgium from a circus. I have made a drawing of one of the lions and donated the original to the Zoo for further fund raising. For further information on the Lions please go to www.fivesisterszoo.co.uk.

21st Century Tiger

I was pleased to be able to help Blackpool Zoo in their August 2015 fundraising for 21st Century Tiger by donating a 12” x 15” signed print of Kepala (Sumatran tiger). The Zoo raised £2000 for this excellent conservation project. www.21stcenturytiger.org

Scottish Wildcat

In October I supported the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Small Cat Conservation Project by donating a framed 12” x 15” signed print of Scottish Wildcat for their raffle. Another framed print of the Scottish Wildcat was presented to Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) who was the guest speaker at the evening.


I spent two weeks in the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital in October having heart surgery to repair my mitral valve. I am now on the road to recovery after the operation and hoping to be a lot more productive in 2016 than I have been for the last couple of years whilst my health was deteriorating. I have a lot of new projects planned for the future and I am already looking forward to visiting all the zoos and wildlife parks I work with.